36 Types of Snacks

—  animation, graphic design and illustration  —

Snack Studio never backs down from a good challenge, so when 36 Days of Type announced that they were going to make a second edition we didn't want to miss out. Usually the project consists of 36 days in which participants are challenged to design a letter or number for each day, but we wondered how we could make things more interesting and challenging for us so we decided to create our own exclusive set of rules.
Instead of simply creating a letter or number as we saw fit, we limited ourselves to a very familiar theme: snacks. Every number or letter that we created had to visually represent a snack. The name of the snack was determined by the letter it embodied; for example: "I is for Ice Cream". This way we would have to come up with a diffrent snack for every letter in the alphabet. But we still weren't satisfied. We wanted more, so we added a diferent rule that would only apply to the numbers. Each number would have to be made out of a quantity of snacks equivalent to the number itself; for example: 4 is made out of four energy bars.
We created these letters and numbers using diversified approaches and techniques including, illustration, graphic design and animation and called this initiative 36 Types of Snacks.

Year 2015

Creative & Art Direction Snack Studio

Illustration Snack Studio

Animation Snack Studio

Graphic Design Snack Studio



For this second edition 36 Days of Type hosted a surprise extra day for the ampersand. It was a special occasion so it demanded a diferent rule. As you know the ampersand represents the conjunction word “and”. With that in mind we decided to build the symbol using two different snacks that go well together: quince and cheese - Romeo & Juliet.