Marácula Branding

—  graphic design  —

Since the Marácula’s foundation, Snack Studio had contact with this cultural association, having developed its identity and all the promotional materials for their productions, including stationery, dossiers, tickets, posters, teasers, merchandising, website and social networks applications.
The main concern in the development of the brand Marácula was to create a simple graphic symbol that could transmit the major aim of this cultural association, which is communicate and share their ideas and points of view with an audience. With that in mind we created a symbol that is the eye of the audience, but also the tireless eye of Marácula that always seeks for new challenges and new forms of communication. The logo should also be versatile and mutable enough to show the diversity and pluralism of formats and means of this cultural association. This is shown through the different geometric forms developed for each letter of the name Marácula that allow more than 50 possible combinations. All these concepts are explored and emphasized in the animated versions of the logo.

Year 2013

Client Marácula

Creative & Art Direction Snack Studio

Graphic Design Snack Studio

Animation Snack Studio

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